domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Looking forward a new life

My name is Romulo,and I am have been living in Italy since I was born,but now,our country is suffering because of the war,but my father has told me that we are going to travel to Argentina so he can start his factory as soon as he can.
The ship wiil leave on Friday and my father has told me and my sister Adelaida to pack our luggage,he will wait for us and my mother at the harbour.He had bought a house in La Boca and we are looking forward to arriving and starting a new life there.

sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Dear Rosa:
        We have just arrived from our trip and i must admit that I am astonished with this country It is so different from ours.My family need a place to leave immediatly.
         I met a man on the ship that told me about a place in Buenos Aires called La Boca,where a lot of foreigners have been living,and he promised me to give us a decent home,because his uncle has some properties there.I trust in him,he seems to be an honest man,he came from Spain alone and it is surprising to see how young is he,apart from being so respectful and shy,he is a common boy of almost twenty four years old,tall and dark haired,he had come to this country before and he explained me that people here are very hard working,this is a beautiful country,full of oportunities and he has told me that we do not have nothing to be worried about.
         I have felt at home now since we arrived,but I have to start working immediatly.
My wife is not very convinced about living here but I am sure that she will like it sooner or later,altough it will take a while.I´ll write you as soon as possible.

Italy is a beautiful country It borders west France, Switzerland and Austria to the north and east Slovenia, which provides the ability to plan long trips that include visits to any of these countries. is one of the major epicenters of art in Europe and the world, Italy rocked empires, artistic and philosophical movements of great influence in the world.
The islands of Sicily and Sardinia are the two major tourist regions of the country.
The common belief around the world, categorized only as good cooks pasta and pizzas, but Italy is a universe of smells and flavors.
Italy is also famous for its festivals and events like or are the Feast of the Redeemer or the Historic Regatta in Venice (revive the Middle Ages and the Renaissance), The Carnival of Venice and Viareggio and in the summer months the villages nurture local party
And one of the main features that make the difference between Italy and the other countries, is that it has an excellent combination of past and present. His people have characteristics of a people forged in the cultural influence of their ancestors.